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facial therapies

Relax the muscles, stimulate blood & lymph circulation, increase oxygen to the tissue, improve muscle tone & refine texture.  Treatments include exfoliation, steam, massage of face, neck, décolleté, shoulders, heated hand treatment, mask & spf. 45-90 min.  Recommended every 2-6 weeks.

Teen 80.  Absorbs excess oil, micro-exfoliates  & refines appearance of the skin.

Luminous 85. Gentle & invigorating, enzymes, stem cells & peptides provide luminous skin in just under an hour. Great in-between treatment or pre party. No extractions. Pregnancy safe.

115. This non-chemical triple enzyme exfoliation naturally rebalances, regenerates & restores your skin using organic ingredients with medical effectiveness. Pregnancy safe.

Sensitive Skin  115. Rejuvenate & energize the flow of the body with acupressure. Increase circulation, stimulate

endorphins & ease muscular tension. Calming & restorative skin treatment is for those experiencing redness, irritation & dryness. Vitamins, antioxidants & growth factors rebalance the skins integrity. Indicated for oncology patients, reactive, delicate, thin skin & post-op patients. Pregnancy safe.

Clinical  120. Alpha & beta hydroxy acids treat dull & tired skin. Clients must be on a low to mid percentage of vitamin A in their home regimen. Most effective in a series of 3-4 treatments within 6-8 weeks.

Glow  130.  Amazing results for all skin types. Get your skin into shape immediately with this two step deep cleansing treatment. Trichloroacetic acid digest the old, rough skin cells on the top layer of the skin for an overall improved appearance. Indicated for sensitive skin & wrinkles. 

Radiance 140.  Mandelic acid, retinol & stem cells make this the perfect treatment for sensitive, aging, hyperpigmented, hormonal skin. 

Flawless 150. Natural AHA's, phospholipids, extracts, antioxidants & glucans improve skin tone, texture & reduces the appearance of fine lines due to aging & sun damage.

Time-less 160. This Vitamin A, DHEA, peptides & vitamin C non-acid peel does not burn or sting & has zero downtime. Regenerate the skin from the inside out by speeding up cellular growth from deep within your skin. For all skin types & conditions.  Client must be on a low to mid level Vitamin A in home regimen.

Age-less  170. Treatment & level of treatment is selected based on skin type, treatment goal & tolerance. Blanching & peeling is common. Not for sensitive or rosacea skin.​


Zit Zapper  45.  Cleanse, extract, microphototherapy & vitamin A relieves inflammation, calms the skin & promote rapid healing. Contraindications: photosensitive skin condition, taking photosensitive herbs or medications, pregnancy, epilepsy, thyroid condition, pacemakers, cardiac conditions, heart disease, metal jewelry, implants & braces.

Teen Acne 85. Our teen facial with extractions & microphototherapy is added to calm redness & inflammation. Contraindications: AHA & BPO products 48 hours prior/post, epilepsy, thyroid condition, taking photo-sensitive supplements or medications, metal implants, braces. 

Rosacea Relief  125.  Azaleic acid gently resurfaces lesions & lessens redness associated with Rosacea. No steam.

Purifying 115. Eliminate & prevent skin congestion due to blackheads & whiteheads (grade I acne). Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory treatment leaves the skin clean, calm & refreshed. Acupressure facial massage. No steam.

Deep Pore Cleansing  125.  Indicated for grade II acne (closed comedones). Extractions & high frequency . Clients must be on low to mid levels of vitamin A. Acupressure massage, no steam. A series of chemical peels may be necessary to clear acne. Indicated for wrinkles & upper lip lines.

Medical Acne TX  135.  Indicated for grade III acne, inflamed acne papules &/or pustules in addition to blackheads & whiteheads. Clients must be on mid to high levels of vitamin A in their home use products. Acupressure massage, no steam. High frequency & microphototherapy. 

Brightening 125.  Indicated for uneven skin tone & discoloration due to hormones or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation for clients on low to mid levels of vitamin A, a tyrosinaise inhibitor & SPF in their home regimen. Acupressure massage, no steam. ​

Lightening Treatment 135. Natural lightening agents target uneven skin tone, sundamaged & hyperpigmented skin. Glycolic, azaleic & kojic acid delivers a powerful lightening treatment & inhibits melanin formation. Clients must be on low to mid levels of vitamin A, tyrosinaise inhibitors & SPF daily. Acupressure massage, no steam.


Antiaging  169.  Glycolic acid exfoliation, microphototherapy, oxygen therapy. 

Detox 179.  Double enzyme exfoliation, hydrating vitamin serum, chemical exfoliation.

Power 189.  Retinol exfoliation, microdermabrasion, vitamin infusion & hydrating mask.

Age Management  199.  TCA chemical exfoliation, microphoto therapy & soundwave retinol serum penetration.

Age Intervention  219.  Double enzyme exfoliation, microcurrent & microphototherapy.

Age Defy  229. Double enzyme exfoliation, microcurrnt, microphototherapy, soundwave peptide soundwave penetration, oxygen therapy.

D.N.A (Do Not Age)  239. TCA chemical exfoliation, Collagen Induction Therapy, soundwave serum penetration.

Advanced Facials

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