Aging doesn't stop at the neck. Just as we care for the skin on our faces, our body needs the same attention.  Many body products & treatments do not create a physiological change in the skin.  Our Body Rituals contain the same potent antioxidants, growth factors, peptides & vitamins as out facial treatments do. 

Back Facial  79.  For those hard to reach places. Extractions if necessary.

Zone Body Brasion or Renewal  85.  Performed on one body area (back, arms, abdomen, calves, thighs, buttocks) at a time. Exfoliating enzyme scrub, AHA/BHA or microdermabrasion to exfoliate, stimulate cell turnover & hydrating vitamin A,C, E serum to rejuvenate.  Evens skin tone & texture, minimizes evidence of sun damage.  Best in series of 6 or more to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Spring favorite.

Bamboo Massage 60 min  115. 

Hydrating Body Wrap 60 min  135. 

After care - Wraps & Back Therapy Treatment Avoid alcohol & heavy meals for 24 hours after treatment, drink plenty of water after treatment, do not undertake any other body treatments for 48 hours after treatment, stay away from direct sunlight/sunbeds & heat e.g. saunas for 48 hours after treatment, keep skincare products to a minimum for 24 hours after treatment, stay relaxed & keep warm for 12 hours after treatment, for long term results book regular treatments & use the home care products prescribed as well as an SPF, do not drink tea, coffee, alcohol or fizzy drinks for 48 hours following a wrap, please support your body wrap with a healthy diet & regular exercise

Condraindications: cardiac infraction or weakness, high or low blood pressure, pregnancy, constricted coronary blood vessels, overactive thyroid, blood disorders, severe general infection or fever, disturbances to kidneys & associated organs, diabetes requiring insulin, open wounds, skin diseases, severe varicose veins, implanted pacemaker, acute joint injury (1st 48 hours), lupus erythematosus, multiple sclerosis, adrenal suppression, enclosed infection (dental/joint), epilepsy, cancer, asthma, phlebitis or thrombosis, allergies must be disclosed.​

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